Invisible Detours

Monday, January 28, 2008

Today was officially the first day of a full week of classes. The last two weeks have been shortened because of our break and then a holiday. It flew by. I woke up around nine and before I knew it, it was 8:00 pm and I was just getting back to my dorm. As difficult as college can be sometimes I have always felt that it goes by too fast to even notice how hard it really is.

I had Russian on Friday however I never made it to class. There was a telephone wire down in the street and instead of detouring us they just made us turn around and go back in the other direction. I ended up driving through four different towns and made it to my class ten minutes before it was finished. Figures that I was planning on telling my professor that I would be missing six classes because of my spring break trip.

I was supposed to meet with my advisor to get my courses approved that I would be taking in Russia. I got up early and everything. He, however, did not show up. I think I may just go to the head of the department because he is the actual person that needs to do the approving. I also need to meet with the study abroad people to figure out some more details. That reminds me that I should also apply to the school if I'm planning on going there. St. Petersburg Polytechnic University ... just in case you were looking to study in Russia!

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