Free Time

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is honestly the first moment of free time that I've had all week. And by free time I mean not having to cram in class/work/homework and being able to breathe for a hour or two. I still have about 500 pages of reading to do by Wednesday but if I keep going at this pace I'll be lucky if I make to Wednesday. Plus Lost was on tonight which means an automatic stop from work (no matter how much I have). If you don't watch that show I fully advise you to go out and buy the first three seasons. You won't regret it. I have about ten people that have done this and have finished all three seasons in under two weeks.

I've officially applied to school in Russia. I just have to wait to be accepted now. I've also gotten my two history courses approved; Russian History from Kievan Russia to Russian Revolution, and Contemporary Russia. Now I just need to get my Russian language course approved which is worth something ridiculous like nine credits but of course nothing can be easy so I need to meet with another women to get that signed off.

Europe in 19 days!

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