Monday, February 4, 2008

What a long weekend. Friday night I had to attend a Jewish Shabbat service for my Learning Community. I've already written a nine page analysis on it so I'm not going to go into much detail but I will say that it was very interesting and not how I expected it to be at all. They were very welcoming and even laid back. It was a reform temple so I'm guessing the orthodox temples we will be attending in Europe will not be quite the same.

I spent about ten hours Saturday doing work. A little bit of trying to catch up and a lot of just getting what was needed done. I'm almost all caught up but I have an almost unbearable amount of work that needs to get done by the 13th. After that though everything looks like smooth sailing.

Sunday... I don't really want to talk about Sunday. Let's just say I'm a Pats fan and Sunday was not a good day for me. I've (almost) successfully ignored all newspapers, news shows, and anything on the internet relating to what happened last night and I don't think I'll be ready to talk about it for another week or so. That's ok... 10 days until pitchers and catchers start for the Red Sox!

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday so I hope you all go out and vote! I've already sent in my absentee ballot.

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