My Least Favorite Place On Earth...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Despite having recently returned from my Holocaust oriented trip, I have found one place on earth that I hate even more than concentration camps... supermarkets. I know that is a terrible thing to say and I'm joking...but I honestly hate grocery stores with a passion and I think I have plenty of good reasons. Every Friday afternoon I have to go to one for Campus Ministry to get juice and cookies for the Sunday Masses. Every Friday the though of quitting my job comes to mind.

1.) I have NEVER gotten a shopping cart that works properly. There is always a wheel that doesn't work so it either is uncontrollable or it makes that terrible clunking or screeching noise. After ditching my first cart in the entrance of the store a manager walked by and laughed at me. I know he intentionally leaves those carts lying around just to get his daily amusement.

2.) There are way too many people there that seem to have no actual reason to be there. They stand in the middle of the isles staring off into space as if they came in to enjoy the scenery.

3.) For those who DO seem to have a purpose they move way to slow and seem to zig zag everywhere.

4.) When you finally get behind some one moving quickly they immediately slam on the breaks to get down an isle that they have already passed and of course you proceed to almost plow them over because you can't control the cart.

5.) There is always someone restocking the shelves that you need to reach.

6.) When you've finally gotten everything you need and you head to the check out there are only 2 out of 13 lanes open and of course EVERYONE else in the store has decided to check out at the same time as you.

7.) You obviously get stuck behind the shrinking elderly lady that has to remove each of her 32 yogurts one at a time to place them on the belt.

8.) When it's finally your turn you see that your bagger is an 85 year old man that can't even stand up straight let alone bag a gallon of juice.

9.) To top it all off, finding and reaching one of those shopping cart racks is like trying to drive backwards on a Nascar track with the traffic of vehicles and other shoppers coming at you.

Ok... so maybe they are not as bad as concentration camps but as long as I can help it (and if I'm not getting paid for it) I will avoid supermarkets as much as possible.

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