21st Birthday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So this would be a really important day if I was back home right now. I guess it's still a big deal for when I get home. So far 21 doesn't feel much different from 20 but I have managed to survive the day without any major disasters… although I still have 20 minutes to take care of that. I woke up today to my kitchen filled with balloons. My suitemates had gotten up early and taped balloons to anything that wasn't a wall. Our walls have the habit of disintegrating if you touch them so putting tape on them would have been a very bad idea. They made me home fries and french toast and bought me a nice Russian mug for my coffee. They bought me some presents from МаксиДом (MaxiDom). All they could find were some notebooks without graph lines which are very rare is this country. After eating we went to class. We only have 1 class today which was great. It was only 8 degrees Celsius which is like mid 40's. It was really cold in the room so I had to get under my covers and ended up taking a nap. Oh, our shower has been fixed! It was so exciting to take a nice long hot shower… although the water is coming out a little brown now.

 Around 7 we went down the the center to go to an Irish pub called Shamrocks. It was a little bit of a walk from the metro station but the menu was in English and the waitress spoke a little bit, too! The food was awesome but pretty expensive. The drinks were even more expensive. There was some great live Irish music playing. I really enjoyed my night. It did start raining as soon as we left the pub though. I would really like to go to bed right now but I reek of smoke.

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