Adventure for the day: MEGA Mall

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today we decided to take a trip to the Mega mall. It's pretty far away, almost back to the airport, but others have gone there and said it was great. To get there you have to walk to the Metro (10 minutes) then take that to the next stop (5 minutes) then cross two busy intersections and wait for a bus (10 minutes). It then takes the bus 20 minutes to get to the mall. I will admit that the mall reminded me of home. There was a Body Shop and even an Ikea. There is a place called Ashan which is very much like WalMart. There's a ton of small store but everything is slightly over priced. I don't need anything that badly. It was very stressful. I don't really like crowds and there were so many people there. There was also a runway in the middle of the mall which was strange. They had a show going on but everyone was wearing the same black outfit? After a few hours there we decided to leave so we headed back out to the bus stop. We got on the bus and then driver started speaking over the intercom and people started to turn around to look at as. I still have no idea what he was saying but apparently you don't get on where they drop you off… you walk 100 feet down the road and get on the bus there. It was very stupid and there isn't much I hate more than public embarrassment but luckily we got on a different bus where no one saw that little incident. It took us all day to do that and I don't think it was worth it. We have plenty of stores within walking distance of the dorm and much less of a crowd. I don't think I'll be back for quite a while.

I didn't have the energy to go down to McDonald's today but I do have to go to Nahodka (Находка) to get some groceries.

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