Friday, September 12, 2008

Today was our first day of electives… or mine at least. Our Russian language class is 14 hours a week so that is a 9 credit course. That means I only have to take two others. Both history, of course. The first one is Kievan Russ to the Revolution. It's basically the earliest history up until the Revolution. The second class is The Communist Phase. Which starts with the revolution and goes up to the fall of communism.

 My professor is very nice. He is older and word on the street is that he's ex KGB. I don't know if it's true but I'm too afraid to ask him. He is a funny man. He warned us to be careful on Fridays because people drink more than usual. He also warned us about walking on the streets and said "You must be like paratrooper in jungle, always looking in 360 degrees and never believing what you see". I don't know where Russians learn analogies.

I was also very happy to hear that there were no books assigned to the course. I'm saving so much money this semester by not having to buy books! I'm also trying to decided what I want to do over our October break. People are going all over but I would really like to save as much money as possible. We were thinking about going to Riga, Latvia but the train alone would cost almost $300. I may just decided to find a random city somewhere in Russia and hang out there for a few days. It also saves me the trouble of reentering the country and dealing with visas and registration. 

Tomorrow we're visiting Novgorod which was the first city founded in Russia by Prince Rurik. That's also the only thing we got to talk about in my first class today. Aside from class all I've really done was read today… I think I'm going to do that some more.

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