I Shanked A Wall Today

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today was a great day! Up until this point we have had one Ethernet cable for the four people in our suite. Luckily I brought my cable from school so it reaches all the way out to the kitchen so everyone can use it in turn.

 We’ve had multiple people come in a try to fix it but apparently the necessary cords are just no longer in the wall. A man came in today and we thought he was finally going to fix it but he again told us that there was just no cable. Thank you, we knew that. After talking to our RD she decided to help us the best she could. Apparently there is a wireless router somewhere on the third floor and she has the password for it! She gave it to the girls in the room without the cord but it wasn’t working on one of the computers. After 20 minutes she gave up getting it on that computer.

That’s when I decided to dig a hole in the wall. There is a small hole there already where the wires go through but we couldn’t really fit the Ethernet cord through. I got a knife and after a while we managed to get it through! I was very proud of myself but it did take a while to clean up the plaster dust that covered both rooms.

 Now Kori and I have wireless, Jess has the cord running from my room, and sadly Bestey’s computer did not wake up yesterday so she’s been using mine. Yay internet!

Because this was such a momentous occasion (and because it took up most of our night) we decided to treat ourselves to Pizza Hut. It was amazing. I’ve been dying for pizza for about two weeks now but it is somewhat hard to find here. It’s only one metro stop away and it is located just outside the station. The waitress spoke amazing English and the menu was half in English. Pizza Huts in Russia are actually very classy places. We literally saw a man propose to a women sitting next to us. It was strangely beautiful (not that I would ever want to be proposed to in a Pizza Hut!)

 There were also these two creepy men staring at us the entire night. They stuck around until we finished even though they had finished just as we arrived. We acted like we were going to leave so they got up and left but then we stayed and order some desert. Overall it was a great day however our water is coming out brown so I’m a little afraid to take a shower.

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