It's Friday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it bad that after only one week of classes I'm this excited for Friday? If I didn't spend three hours every day in the same subject I don't think I would be this excited. Next week we start our electives so that should at least change things up a bit.

Our jazz boat ride last night was awesome. It was very stormy earlier in the day but it was sunny and warm by the time we left. It was a great way to see the city, especially with the setting sun in the background. Just as we were getting back to the docks the fountains were being lit up, fireworks were going off, and the bridges had these crazy light shows going.
A happy cruise go-er!
Sun setting over Peter & Paul Fortress
Water show
Beautiful sunset

Fireworks to end the night
Today after classes we had a briefing with the US Consulate. They basically just told us to be carefully but also told us to "note any suspicious activity"…hmm. They gave us a lot of information about future jobs in the state department which was nice because I think a lot of us are considering that kind of job.

After the meeting my suitemates and I went to Nevsky Prospect. We were supposed to meet someone's friend but not until 7. We went to Dom Kneege where I bought a Russian copy of Harry Potter, or Gary Potter as they call him. I was very excited about this purchase. After sitting around in the café there we went to this German Beer Hall we found in a Lonely Planet guide book. It wasn't too hard to order because everything was written in Russian and English but our waiter didn't know any English so we did the whole awkwardly speak slowly thing. I had some really good pizza. It was strange walking out at 9 pm and having it still be light out. I think I've got the Metro system down pretty well. Of course we've only traveled on a couple of lines but it's actually pretty easy. Tomorrow we're visiting Peterhof. I would love to upload some pictures but it takes forever from our dorm's internet so I may have to wait a while and take a trip down to McDonald's to do it for free.

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