It's Russia...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My greatest accomplishment today was taking a shower. For some reason the shower flooded last night on me. This morning it flooded on Kori. When I went to take a shower tonight I decided to try to figure out what was happening. By the way, our shower is basically a large tub, sitting a foot and ½ off the ground. I was down on my hands and knees under the tub messing around with the pipes. Apparently the drain pipe is loose and the water just flows out of it onto the floor and under the door out to the kitchen. We have a nice bucket that would probably help (and that is probably the reason it is in the room) but the pipe is only 2 inches off the ground so it doesn't fit. I had to use one of our two bowl and make a contraption in the shower to stop it from flooding the drain. It still flooded a bit which means I had to get down and mop it up by hand (no mops in Russia). Overall I showered for 5 minutes but was working in there for over 25. It's Russia… that's our motto for the semester because there is no way to explain the difficulty and backwardness of this country.

Oh and apparently there was a stabbing on the 7th floor of our dorm last night. It's Russia.

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