Movies Dubbed in Russian... fun.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yesterday was Saturday and we had an excursion to Peterhof. Peterhof is located on the gulf of Finland, about and hour and ½ from Petersburg. This is where the Tsars has their palaces where they strictly threw parties. To think that no one even lived in these palaces is crazy. Everything is covered in gold. Peterhof is most famous for its fountains. There are over 150 all around the estate. I'll post pictures as soon as I make it down to McDonald's. Someone made a good point that it was totally understandable why so many people thought communism was a good idea. When you are living in a hut on the side of the road and the Tsars are living in places like that you would do anything to even out the playing field a bit. After that we just came back and hung around the dorm. I again did not have coffee in the morning so I was exhausted. I did get to skype with Alanna though!! Yay! Later we watched a movie, The Order. It was terrible but at least had Heath Ledger.

Today was our first day to sleep in. It was great. I originally wanted to go to Gostiny Dvor but it was rainy out so we decided to go to the movies. Another intense experience. First of all, all the titles of movies are in Russian so it took us a while to figure out which movies we actually knew. Then we had to buy the tickets. They have assigned seating and I'm assuming you usually pick your seats but we had no idea what she was saying so she just did it for us. We weren’t sure if the movie was going to be in English with Russian subtitles or just dubbed. It was dubbed. We ended up seeing Babylon A.D. or Бабалон Н.Э.  The movie was terrible. We thought we lost something in translation but it turns out that it was just bad and we probably would have been lost even if it was in English. Oh well. It was still and interesting experience.

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