Noooo Tom!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I obviously wasn't able to watch the game last night but I did check the score every once in a while. I heard that Tom was hurt but I wasn't able to see / really know what happened. Today I went to McDonald's to upload some pictures and saw on Yahoo that he was out for the season! I yelled loudly and multiple people looked at me. I wanted to cry. That's terrible. I mean I guess it's ok for me because that means they will probably do poorly this season and I don't have to worry about missing out on a good one. It's still very upsetting.

It's amazing how the most simple tasks become huge projects in Russia. All I did today was go to class, upload some pictures at McD's, do laundry, and buy a few things at the store. That took me from 10-8 pm. Everything is so difficult that you're exhausted from the easiest things. The good thing about doing laundry is that it forces me to sit down there for two hours with nothing to do but homework. I also made and amazing grilled cheese/tomato/garlic sandwich today. It was delicious and I'm very proud of myself.

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