Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today we visited Novgorod. We had to get up early because the city is 3.5 hours away. For being the oldest city in Russia is wasn't that exciting. We went through the old fortress that protected the city. We also went into St. Sophia's Cathedral which is the oldest church in Russia. That was pretty interesting. A little further away was a group of 7 more churches, all very old an being used as museums. After our tour from the guide we went off on our own. Kori, Jess, and 
I wandered off to a kind of residential area. We found one very old church with a sign saying it was a museum. We went through this very old gate into a completely empty courtyard. There was no one around. There was an owl hooting (though at first it sounded like chanting), a flock of crows flew from an old dilapidated tower and landed on the steeple, and a black cat came running out from behind the church. It was very creepy but also very interesting. We walked around for a bit more after that and just arrived back at the dorm now. It was a long day with a lot of sitting in a bus. I think I'm going to sleep in tomorrow and possibly take a trip down to McDonald's to upload some pictures.
Just hanging out in Novgorod!
Entering the creepy abandoned place...
Black cat did not want us there

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