Russian Hockey

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, we were (hopefully) successfully fumigated yesterday. We couldn't come back to our rooms after class however so a few of us ended up walking down the street to this new pizza place that just opened. It's great to not have to get on the metro to go somewhere. It was actually a really nice place. The food was cheap and delicious and the whole thing was jazz themed, with old pictures from Chicago and New York and a lot of old performers. The music they were playing wasn't very jazzy, however. We stayed there for a while to get our homework done because there was really nothing else for us to do.

At 5 we all met up to go to a hockey game! It was really fun. It was SKA St. Petersburg versus Spartak Moscow. The tickets were only $8 which was amazing. It was strange that inside the stadium they only sold soda, juice, sandwiches, and corn on the cob. And none of that was actually allowed into the arena. The entrance of the two teams was very intense. It reminded me of when the Durmstrang students enter Hogwarts at the beginning of the Goblet of Fire (to make a reference that everyone will understand!). It was also interesting to see that at the far end of the rink was where all of the Moscow fans sat. Surrounding these fans on all sides were masked (and possibly armed) military men. They were dressed like a SWAT team from the States. At one point in the match two rows of these men got up and sprinted out, pulling down the visors on their masks. Luckily they came back quickly and whatever it was seemed like a false alarm.
They ending up winning 4-1 and it was definitely an experience to remember!

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