Suffering from the Russian Plague...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everything was going too well. We had a working shower, internet, the resurrection of Betsey's computer, only slightly brown water... something had to go wrong. That is when the plague hit. Everyone is sick. My roommate missed two days of classes and my suitemate got sent home from one of her's. My other suitemate and I have been very lucky but, again, it couldn't last forever. Last night my throat was sore and today I've been sneezing. We took a trip to Аптека (Apteka) which is a CVS like drug store except that everything is behind glass. She got these amazing throat lozenges that numb your entire mouth. I don't know what they put in those things but they are strong. We only had one class today so we took a quick trip to Dom Knigi. It only took about an hour but we all passed out when we got back. I just woke up to a pressure-filled head and a runny nose.

It would really help if they turned the heat on here. It has apparently been an abnormally cold September so far. Yesterday it was 4 degrees Celsius which is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it was a whopping 6. The problem with the heat is that it is still on a state wide system from back in the communist days. The state turned on the heat for the entire city as soon as they feel the need. They should start feeling the need asap.

My teacher has already called out sick for tomorrow so it's a long weekend for me! Unfortunately I have a feeling that I will be spending most of that time in bed.

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