"They Are The Israel of Bugs..."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I finally made it down to Westpost today to get my birthday cards! You would think that our mail could somehow get delivered to the dorm but here in Russia that is clearly asking for too much. It's a 20 minute metro ride and then a five minute walk. I did manage to talk entirely in Russian, giving the box number "treesta tretsit dva". I even used please and thank you. I went there with a handful of post cards that I was planning on sending out, figuring it might be a little more expensive than Russian mail, but much more reliable. I couldn't believe that, through Westpost, it costs 200 roubles! That $8 per post card. Russian mail is only 20 roubles so I just wanted to let you all know that I will be sending out postcards, however when (or if) you get it is completely up in the air.

Since I don't have much to talk about today I thought I would add some pictures of my room. While in a sitting position on my bed I can see out the window. There is some metal structure outside… I'm not sure what it is but from this angle it kind of resembles the Eiffel Tower, or at least that is what we call it.

I would also like to share a picture of how we do laundry here. It cost about 8 dollars to fully do laundry and the dryers never seem to work right. Because of this we just wash important stuff in the sink and dry it on our space heater.
Oh, here is something new and exciting for Russia; apparently bed bugs and cockroaches have been found in another suite on our floor. We have basically quarantined ourselves to prevent any from getting in here, but we did allow one visitor in a few minutes ago. Shortly after she left my suitemate began screaming, saying that she just flicked a bug off her shoulder. After doing intensive research we've decided that it is a bed bug, however we believe it jumped off our visitor and we are really hoping it was just that one. We've also learned that no matter how you try to thwart bed bugs, they are almost impossible to stop. As Jess puts it, "They are the Israel of bugs." Just like the Israeli army can take on armies 7 times their size, the bugs are able to suck blood about seven times their own weight. They also climb up walls and drop down on you from above if you try to stop them from crawling up the bed. Ugh. Luckily I don't have a huge aversion to bugs. While I certainly don't enjoy them, I don't have a deathly fear of them like my suitemate. Let hope it was only that one (now dead) that got in here...

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