Kuntzkamera Museum

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today we had an excursion to the Kuntzkamera Museum. The museum was created by Tzar Peter I. The first few floors cover nicely as a slightly boring ethnography museum. Each room is devoted to a different group of peoples from around the world. In the center of the building there are three floors of astronomy towers, one of which has a huge globe that people used to sit inside. While this is all interesting this is not why anyone really comes to the museum. Peter the Great had a strange fascination with mutants and monsters and devoted one room to strange two headed cows and mutant baby fetuses. It was pretty disgusting and there were way too many creepy babies in jars. Apparently there was also a room devoted to torture devices but we missed that one. We wanted to go to the market after but unfortunately it was a very cold windy and rainy day and none of us were up to the task.

We did go back to the Pizza Bar today. They STILL did not have any soda so I had to get juice. They must have felt bad for us (and realized how amazing we were) because the waitress came back with two mugs of beer, a padarok, a gift. At least they make up for not having soda this time. I really love it there. What I did not love was going to Nahodka to get some groceries after I drank those two beers.

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