Leaving for Moscow soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I spent most of this week preparing for my Russian midterm. I didn’t think it was going to be too difficult but I figured it was time I actually put in the effort to learn all the case endings and pronouns. In the past I would learn what I needed to in order survive a test, but I was always so busy that I would never put in the time to actually memorize the stuff. I think I’ve got it down now. And I still have the second half of the semester to practice it.

It’s already time to start figuring out classes for next semester. Am I really already going to be down to three semesters of college left?

My suitemates are more or less directionally challenged so that means I got to escort my roommate to the theater. You would think that they would put a metro station somewhere close to the biggest theater in the city but no, it is a ten minute walk from the nearest station. It would be a very nice walk along one of the canals however there is construction going on on both sides of the canal. Again, this wouldn’t be a problem if you were with another person or two, but after making sure she made it to the entrance of the theater I had to do the ten minute walk back by myself. The sun is setting much earlier now but luckily I made it back to the metro before it was dark without any incident. After the ride back I met some people to go out to eat to celebrate the end of midterms. We were going to try a sushi bar but it was too full. We saw a sign for another one but somehow ended up in a completely different restaurant that didn’t have sushi at all. I tried Borsh for the first time. Very Russian. They went out after that but I decided to come back here but I did get to skype with Suzie and Andrea! Yaay!

Tomorrow at midnight we leave for Moscow. I don’t plan on bringing my computer so it will be a few days before I can post again.

До свиданя!

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