Missing Home A Bit

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As Halloween gets closer I've been having strong waves of missing the States. Halloween is not celebrated in Russia so it is very different from home. I'm sure Thanksgiving will be worse but Halloween is my first holiday that I won't be celebrating at home. I came to Russia knowing life was going to be hard. I didn't come to party like a lot of other people plan on doing while studying abroad. I'm still not exactly sure why but I chose Russia to challenge myself. I've enjoyed my time here but I keep having thoughts of things back home that I normally wouldn't dream of missing. Yesterday I caught myself daydreaming about American supermarkets and American Supermarket lines. Today I was shocked to be daydreaming about the DMV. When the DMV seems like a fun and friendly place you know you've been in Russia for too long. I am defiantly still enjoying my time here… but I think it just makes going home all the better. Not only do I have Christmas to look forward to but I have ovens, tap water, showers that drain, water that doesn't destroy my hair and skin, televisions, radios, free internet, sun, mattresses, tostitos, oreos, orderly lines, the ability to drive a car, easy spread butter, dunkin donuts, english bookstores, english speaking restaurants, skim milk, free laundry, notebooks without gridlines, using my cell phone, friends, family.

If I never had to live without all these things I would never know how much I should appreciate them.

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