Back in the USSR... I mean Russia

Monday, November 17, 2008

After living in St. Petersburg for 3 months where almost everything is open 24 hours a day, we were very surprised to get up and out early only to find out that nothing opens until noon. We ended up walking a bit to a café called Ekberg. This café has apparently existed since the time of the Tzars and they use the recipes that they used in that time. It was great food and a good time waster. All I did was go back to H&M. We met around 2 and then headed back to the train station. While the ride there was only 6 hours, the ride home was 9. Luckily we all made it one piece.
I needed to get food today because I’m almost down to nothing however Nahodka was closed again!?! There was apparently almost a riot outside when people found out it was closed. Nahodka is one of many places that is open 24 hours a day and no one knows what to do with themselves when it is closed.

Oh! It also snowed today! Nothing stuck but there is a chance of snow every day for the next 10 days at least!


  1. So after reading that long post (which I tried very hard to read in one sitting) I found that the bbq cheeseburger that you consumed caught my attention more than anything else. The idea of you eating meat is so ridiculous to me. I can't picture it haha. I really enjoyed the pictures from Finland- it really looks like something out of the Lord of the Rings. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I hope it helps you get through your last month in Russia lol. It sounds like the people were really genuine and that you had a great time.
    YAY for posting my first comment!

  2. well alanna beat me to commenting. but since i got a lovely fb message that you changed this, i decided i had to comment. haha. umm i agree with alanna about the whole meat situation. lol. should be interesting. but the part the struck me the most was the hobbit houses!!! hahah thats sooo cool and i'm kinda jealous. however, do people actually live in those? i would be interested to see what's inside. hmm. oh and the thai food...when you come visit me at school, we're getting thai from this amazing place down the street. ok? great yay can't wait till you're back ethel!! (ya i brought back the name. please don't hate me.)