снег! (snow in Russian... not 'Cher' the singer)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We have snow in St. Petersburg! Yesterday there was a small amount of snow in the morning but none of it stuck. Today it snowed continuously from the time I woke up until right now (and I think it is still snowing). I'm so happy it is finally here. St. Petersburg in winter without snow is just miserable. More than 200 days out of the year the city will have have either snow or rain. When the sun is only in the sky for three hours a day it is terrible when that three hours is filled with rain clouds. At least with snow everything seems bright from the reflection of the snow. Jess, Kori, and I met Jess' friend Ryan and her friend Meg at the Greek restaurant (I should really learn the name of this place) for lunch. Even though it was slippery out and the snow was blowing in my face I loved it. Everything was white and even the more soviet buildings along Grahzdansky looked pretty. Forecast for the next 7 days… snow.

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