Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween was a lot of fun. Shamrocks was all decked out for Halloween. It was packed because, while there are few Russians who celebrate it, there are plenty of expats and visitors that do. We also got to meet Tom the owner who is originally from Virgina. I remember seeing him sitting at the bar when we went there for my birthday. Now he looks exactly like Santa Claus, and assuming he was Russian, I said that to my friends. He was sitting close enough to hear but I am really hoping that he didn't… and if he did I hope he didn't remember us.

Sunday we had a tour of Dostoevsky's apartment which was very interesting and short. After that we went to a food market and then the crazy outdoor market where I bought a scarf. Sunday night we had our Halloween party. I wasn't feeling good so I didn't stay long but I did meet a lot of people from China, Turkey, and other random countries. It's really funny how obsessed the Chinese were with Americans. They all wanted to get pictures which each of us as if we were celebrities or something. It was pretty cool. I spent most of today sitting in bed and drinking multiple cups of green tea. I still need to find a hat and I am waiting on my boots to get here in the mail. Tomorrow is Russian Unity Day and there is supposed to be some type of celebration going on at Palace Square so we are going to check that out at some point. We also have the opera tomorrow night!

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