Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I woke up early today to the wind blowing and howling so loudly that I thought it was going to knock in my window (which wouldn’t be too hard to do). Along with the wind has come snow, sleet, and rain. I think it may have turned back to snow in the past hour however I do not plan on stepping outside at any point in time tonight.

Thursday our teacher came into class and seemed very frustrated. Apparently she had spent the morning translating for the dean of the school and some deans from some Chinese schools. Her dean doesn’t speak any Chinese or English but the other deans at least knew English. She was just annoyed with the amount of time they spent talking about the sites of the city when they had a lot of work to do. Someone in my class suggested we just didn’t have class but she decided that we should just go on a field trip instead. Our field trip was to the McDonald’s down the street. Anything other than class on a Thursday sounds good to me.

Friday I got my midterm back from my Kievan Russ class. I managed a 5 even though I left out some important details. I guess I made up for it by throwing in a bunch of only mildly related subjects into it.

Friday night a few of us went to see Twilight (сумерки) down on Nevsky. Now, to say that I have read these books geared towards 15 years olds is a little embarrassing, however I really enjoyed them so I wouldn’t hide that fact if someone asked me. The movie, on the other hand, I am just going to pretend I never heard of. There are some people who enjoyed it but I still haven’t figured out what it was that they actually liked. The directing, acting, makeup, cinematography, and special effects were all terrible. I don’t know what else there is to a movie after you take out all of that? While the screenplay was cheesy I guess it did a good job of sticking to the book so it had that going for it. That, however, did not make up for all the other aspects of the movie that were truly terrible. I would like to think that it had something to do with the fact that I was watching it in Russian and it didn’t have any subtitles but from what I remember of some of the lines in the previews I’m kind of glad I didn’t see it in English. I did really like the baseball scene though. That was about it.

Saturday we had an excursion to the Pushkin Apartment Museum. It was pretty similar to the Dostoevsky Apartment Museum only a different apartment and a different writer. “Here is where he wrote, this was his children’s room, this was his pen, this was his hat, this was where he died.” Pushkin’s apartment was much bigger but that was the only big difference.

Today I woke up early to go to mass with a friend however she never came to get me and (considering the weather) I just figured she decided not to go. After that I went to bed, woke up late, watched a movie, and read for a bit. Right now I’m reading A Dirty War by Anna Politkovskaya, the Russian journalist who was murdered about two years ago after publishing some bad stuff about Putin and other bigwigs in the Russian government. It is some pretty interesting stuff and she had no fear of giving out the names of those who were to blame for atrocities in Chechnya. After this book was published she had to flee Russia because of some serious death threats that she received from the Russian military. They clearly weren’t all just threats.

We have less than three weeks here. Crazy.

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  1. Hi there! I always enjoy reading about others' experiences in Russia; I majored in Russian in college and spent a semester studying in Moscow back in the fall of '93. I remember going to that Pushkin Flat Museum when we took an excursion to Petersburg. The one thing that still stands out about that place even now is how morbid it was that they had the clothes he was wearing when he was shot, even still covered with blood. Although, Russia's obsession with everything Pushkin always did strike me as a little odd. I was never all that impressed with anything he wrote, and I absolutely despised Eugene Onegin.

    Well, anyways, just wanted to say hi and make that comment, because this post brought forth that memory. :-)