Russian Construction and more food

Friday, November 7, 2008

It’s Friday! We only had three days of classes this week but for some reason I’m very happy it's Friday. Next week we also only have three days of classes because we’re leaving for Finland and Estonia Thursday morning.

Tuesday we had our opera at Mihailsky Theatre. It was Eugene Onegin, a book written by Pushkin and turned into and opera by Tchaikovsky. The people that were taking the lit class had to read this book but I knew very little about the story. My roommate filled me in but it is hard enough understanding Russians when they are talking… when they are singing opera in Russian it is almost impossible. It was a fun time though. My suitemates and I got a private box that needed a key to get into.

We also ate at an amazing Greek restaurant earlier that day. I think we have tried food from almost every country on the planet. We’ve had Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Greek, American, Azerbaijani, Russian, Mexican, and Irish food since we’ve gotten here. This Greek place was one of my favorites (right behind Shamrock’s food). The best part about this restaurant was trying to get in. In the United States when there is construction going on there are strict laws in place to protect both the workers and pedestrians. While building the new Science building at Stonehill I know that they completely blocked off a road even though it was like 200 feet from the actual construction and everything was totally fenced off. In Russia those laws don’t exist. The road to get to this restaurant was completely under construction and the sidewalk in front of the building was non-existent.

 It was just a big hole in the ground with some board placed over it as a walkway to the entrance. There were a ton of men working right outside this place to and we had to step around them and all of their drills and sledgehammers to get to our restaurant. When we left and continued on down the street there were sections where you had to climb through sheet metal balanced on strips of wood to get to the next part of the sidewalk. I would like to think that these things were put there on purpose and built sturdily however it is more likely that when the men finished working for the day they just threw their extra materials on the sidewalk, not worrying about what happens to the people that need to walk through that space.

In other news, we had no hot water today. Now it’s not like it happened before, when you turn on the hot water and cold water comes out. No. There was just no water at all. You turn the nob and nothing happens at all. The cold worked fine of course but how often do we actually use that here? Never. It is working now however it is coming out brown again. It’s Russia.

I have a very overdue midterm to take in about an hour. After that were going to the Pizza Bar to get a late lunch/ early dinner. We haven’t gone in like 2 weeks or something crazy like that.

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