Saturday, November 15, 2008

 On Saturday we had to wake up at 4:30 to get on a bus and drive (10 minutes) to the other side of the city. From there we caught the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. The ferry was basically a small cruise ship. It was, unfortunately, a little difficult to fall asleep on. It rained this entire day. We had to walk 20 minutes from the port to the Old Town. The Old Town was the only part of the city that was protected from Russian when they controlled them during the times of the USSR. (Finland had been granted freedom by Lenin in 1917 and has almost no communist influence like the countries of the former USSR). After our tour of Old Town we sat down in a small café with some great hot chocolate. Around 2 we met up with my roommate’s friend who lives in Tallinn. I felt bad because I know she wanted to show us around the city but we were all tired and hungry so we ended up stopping to eat. After eating she did show us around and we later parted ways. A few of us went to another café while she and my roommate walked around more. It was a beautiful city but when you are drenched, cold, and tired it is hard to keep walking when you know there are warm cafes all around you. After that we had to walk back to the Port. The ferry ride home was amazing. We sat in a restaurant/pub place and watched a lot of crazy people dance to man playing the guitar who sang a lot of English songs. There was a drunk man dancing with a broom, a man dressed up like Elvis, and a woman that began making out with a 17 year old boy on the dance floor while her husband went out on the deck to smoke. (The man later came back in a sat down to watch and all three mysteriously disappeared as the boat was docking!)

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