Day 1. Boston, MA to Portland, OR

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I quickly realized during my road trip that not only did I not have time to write anything up, but also that the middle of no where usually does not have an internet connection. It has taken me this past week to recover from the insanity that was my trip so I'm sorry this post is a little delayed. I'll start from the beginning.


My parents drove me to the airport around 2pm. Because Kori works for the airline I was flying on standby. I had never done this before so I was pretty nervous but I managed to get on the flight without a problem. When I landed in Portland I turned on my phone to find several messages from Kori saying that the first two flights she could have taken were full and, while she was originally supposed to arrive in 4:30, she would not get in until midnight. She offered to give me the information about our hotel but, since I enjoy airports, I decided to wait it out. I had Harry Potter and got myself some food and settled in. After a few hours Kori made it and we headed to our hotel. Both of us had been traveling all day so we went straight to bed.

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