On The Road meets Into The Wild

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back! It has been quite a while but since this blog is dedicated to my wanderings I haven't felt the need to post anything. I have been back from Russia for seven months now which seems crazy. What is even more crazy is that I actually miss it. I think it's really just a case of Stockholm Syndrome. As difficult, scary, and torturous as life in Russia can be there is still something that makes me love the country. I haven't forgotten the worst parts however they have taken on an almost endearing image in my mind.

Anyway, I am update this blog for my next adventure! My suite mate from Russia, Kori Gwynn, lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Since she is one of the coolest people ever (and works for Alaskan Airlines), she invited me to visit her this summer. She spent the whole year in Russia so she may have a different view of it than I have but we experienced a lot together and sadly haven't seen each other since I got on that bus to take me home in December. Originally I was just going to fly out there and spend the week in Anchorage however our plans have changed slightly. Her sister decided to move to Alaska and, while she can fly her belongings there, she wants to take her car with her, too. So now, instead of flying to Anchorage, I will be flying to Portland, Oregon where I will meet Kori and her sister and together we will make the 2,700 mile journey to Anchorage by car. This trip is going to take about four days (we think) and then I will still have a few days to spend time in Anchorage.

When I mention this to people they immediately look shocked and confused. Why would you want to do that, many of them say. Why WOULDN'T I want to do that? I really enjoy long car rides. When I travel my favorite part is alway sitting in a bus or plane or train. And what better way to really experiance Alaska than driving through it? While I'm not really sure where we will be going, doing, or seeing along the way I know that Canada has some cool little gold mining villages remaining we'll obviously be seeing some beautiful scenery and probably a lot of wild animals.

I'm considering this my On The Road meets Into The Wild life experience. It could be really long and boring however I'm still really looking foward to it.

I'm still not exactly sure when I'm flying out tomorrow. I guess that will be the first little speed bump I need to get over on this trip...

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