The French Quarter

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oldest Bar in America
Anticipating another stormy day we decided to move our free day to Wednesday.  So, instead of working on the levees, we took a trip to the French Quarter.  While I was there I took a tour of the area on a mule drawn carriage and got my palm read by an only mildly sketchy street palm reader.  We spent the rest of the day walking around looking in voodoo shops and listening to the amazing music that was all around us.  It was really just a fun place to experience.  Before meeting back up with the group we found a flea market.  While looking around a man called us over to his booth and asked if he could recite us a poem.  While I don't remember what he said exactly I know it was called "Strength To Face The Day" and it was beautiful.  He said that he wasn't looking to sell us anything but just liked seeing smiles on people's faces.  Surprisingly, I believed him.  He asked us where we were from and what we were doing in New Orleans. We told him it was a service trip and he then read another poem that he wrote for all the people that came (and still come) to New Orleans to help the recovery.  It is amazing how positive so many people in New Orleans are even after everything they went through.

The French Quarter
After a few hours in the French Quarter we all met at the Imax theater to see "Hurricane On The Bayou."  This was a documentary that basically showed us the importance of the work we were doing.  Every 38 minutes Louisiana looses a football field of wet lands.  The film showed a side by side aerial view of the state in 1945 and 2005.  It was amazing how much smaller the state has become due to the loss of the wetlands.  After watching this we all felt bad about our complaints and we were all ready to do a full days work the next day.

After the movie we went to Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co.  for dinner.  I had fried shrimp which was delicious and the entire meal was very entertaining.  I even won a prize in Forrest Gump Trivia!

We somehow managed to escape any bad weather and made it back to the campground to get to bed early to rest for a long day of work.

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