The never ending day...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We left for the airport around 2 am.  We couldn't check in until 4 so we all tried to take naps scattered about the airport.  Our flight left around 6 am and we landed in New York around 10 after a little turbulence.  I had no idea that we were getting hit by a huge storm. Yes, this was the same storm that made our week in New Orleans so difficult.   Our flight was was supposed to leave for Boston around 11:30 however when we got off the plane we saw that it was delayed until after 12.  This still wasn't too bad but we saw that the later flights to Boston were all canceled which should have warned us.  Looking out the windows we watched as incoming planes skidded across the runway and huge bins barreled across the ground outside.  The flight was again delayed until 5pm.  Finally after changing gates and a bit more delay our plane arrived.  While boarding I was shocked to feel the plane rocking back and forth, as if flying through turbulence filled air.  Buckling myself tightly, I waited.

Trying to get some sleep in JFK
By this time we had been up for 36 hours.  We taxied out and waited some more.  After a while the captain came on and said that legally this size plane could not take off in winds exceeding 55 mph and they were currently clocking in at 65 mph.   We waited until 8 in hopes of the wind dying down but it only got worse.  They brought us back to the gate and shortly after dropping us off they canceled the flight.  They told us they could not even get us our luggage because the winds were so severe if they tried to open the cargo bay they would compromise the structure of the plane.  Because we hadn't eaten since breakfast, Stonehill was nice enough to buy us all dinner at the airport and we all settled in at the food court.  Knowing it would be almost impossible to get us all on a flight together the next day our leaders looked for other ways of getting out of the city.  The storm had shut down the railroad system and we wouldn't all be able to fit on a public bus.  Finally around midnight we found a charter bus that was willing to come pick us.  I was in the back of the bus so I could not see out the front but those who could said they could not see more than 10 feet in front of the bus.  Around 3:30 (4:30 with daylight savings time) we made it back to Stonehill (the storm coming along with us).  After 46 hours of being awake and without my checked luggage, I made it home and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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