A day of scavenger hunts

Thursday, June 3, 2010

After only one night in Barcelona we had to pack our things and head out.  Our hostel had luggage storage so we planned on spending the day in the city and then returning to gather our things before heading to our train. Our goal for the day was to ride the funicular (a kind of inclined cable car that brings you up a mountain) up Montjuïc to the fort that sits over the city.  After wandering around for what seemed like hours searching for the funicular we gave up and decided to just climb the (very large) hill on our own.  Arriving at the top we found a beautiful view of the ocean and a new fort to explore.  It was extremely hot so when we reached the courtyard of the fort we sat down in the shade to have lunch and recuperate from our hike.
View from the top of Montjuïc

My "black" coffee vs. my friends coffee with milk

Tip: When in Europe understand the distinction between coffee and black coffee.  Every time I ordered a black coffee I would essentially get a shot of black coffee instead of a cup that I could sip and enjoy. 

From the fort we made our way back down the hill, in search of the site of the 1992 Olympic Stadium.  It was, again, a bit of a scavenger hunt but we did find it in the end.  From there we made the long trek back to our hostel, grabbed dinner at a sidewalk cafe, collected our bags, and then went to the train station to wait for our second night train.
1992 Barcelona Olympic Stadium

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