Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We woke up on the train to the loud horn telling us we would be pulling into the station shortly.  Not realizing that we were crossing a time zone, my alarm was set an hour late.  Luckily there is little you can do on a train, even with an hour notice so we managed to throw our things together quickly.  We disembarked in Madrid hoping everything would go as smoothly as it did in Lisbon.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  It took us several tries to find the connecting train to get us to the station that would eventually get us to Barcelona.  I was pretty proud of my Spanish skills.  I haven't used it in a while but it seemed to come back easily enough.  We managed to reach our second train and then we were off on a three hour trip to Barcelona.

We checked into our hostel (Sant Jordi Arago Hostel) which, after Lisbon, was a bit of a let down.  There was nothing terribly wrong with the place, but it just couldn't compete with our first hostel.  Because we had missed a day in Barcelona we had to immediately get to the train station that would get us to France to book our ticket.  Luckily there was room available on the train we wanted.  

Monumento a Colón
When debating between Madrid and Barcelona we were told Barcelona was a must see because of it's amazing beaches.  Perhaps we went to the wrong beach, but I was disappointed after Cascais.   The beach was small and rocky and people interrupted us every thirty seconds trying to sell us something.  

Barcelona beach

After some time on the beach we had a lovely dinner of paella and then strolled along La Rambla before heading back to the hostel for a shower and some sleep.

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