Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In all of my 22 years of life I honestly cannot think of a day as hot as this.  Perhaps it's because I decided to climb a rocky, treeless mountain in 104 degree heat but it was not something I would easily repeat.  Because we had put off sightseeing the previous day we were going to attempt to see all of the Athenian sights in a day.  After walking for what felt like hours we reached the Acropolis.  It was an amazing site however the heat was insane.  I give some major props to all of those tour groups of old people.  I hope they all made it back down alive.  It's most likely that they (wisely) took an air conditioned bus there and back.
Worth the hike!

We decided it was just too hot to wander around for long so we headed back to the hostel to grab our bags and then made our way to the port.  Delirious with heat exhaustion we struggled to find the right ferry but made it on five minutes before it left. Thankfully the ferry had air conditioning!

Because we were on such a tight schedule (and budget) we decided that instead of going to one of the larger and more mentioned islands, we would just go to the closest.  None of us had heard of Aegina before planning this trip but I can honestly say for the convenience and price I would not have gone any where else over it.  It was just as I had imagined a Greek island: beautiful water and cute sea side villages.  It was also apparently just a few days before the Greek children got out of school for the summer so we basically had the island to ourselves.
Beautiful Water
Our hostel was run by a lovely couple and we again lucked out with our own room.  After a quick dinner we headed straight to bed (with the air conditioning on!).

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