From Ancient Rome to Ancient Greece

Monday, June 14, 2010

Most of this day was dedicate to traveling.  The amount of time spent on buses, in lines at the airport, and general waiting really made me appreciated the simplicity of hopping on a night train, laying down for some rest and waking up in a new city.  We arrived to our hostel to find out that we not only had a private room but it had a balcony that had a view of none other than the  Acropolis.  Alanna was not feeling well and it was well over 100 degrees out so we decided to save our sight seeing for the next day.  We had a lovely Greek dinner  where we got to watch a bike thief get tackled and smacked around by two old men.  We then returned to our hostel and spent the night enjoying our amazing view.
View from the balcony

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