Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today we got to do all of the things that make my dorky historian heart go pitter patter.  Our first stop was the Colosseum.  I doubt there is anyone in the world who hasn't seen a picture of the Colosseum but to see it in person is unreal.  Even with the thousands of other tourists crowded around me I still managed to get lost in thought imagining what it was like thousands of years ago.  I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the vicious fighting and deaths that took place there but it would have been amazing to see in it's prime.
After the Colosseum we made our way to the Palatine Hill.  Ruins here date back to 1000 B.C. and if you wander deeply enough into the ruins you can almost entirely block out the bustling city around you. What most surprised me about this area was that there are still continuous excavations going on.  It's hard to believe that there may still be pieces of history buried under the earth.

Looking down on the Roman Forum

Next up was the Roman Forum which is the ruins of the government buildings of ancient Rome.  This was essentially the birthplace of Republican government.  So much history!

After an amazing day wandering around some of the world's greatest historical sites we headed back to the hostel to have some dinner and pack up for our flight to Athens.