Saturday, May 29, 2010

Landing in Lisbon was nerveracking.  I have never traveled without someone telling me where to go and what to do so landing in an airport with only a bus number and an address was near terrifying.  Although we had to work through a crowd of protesters to get to our hostel we found it fairly easily.  The hostel was perfect.  We were in a 10 bed room with a few different bathrooms to choose from.  There was also an amazing kitchen and breakfast provided.

As much as we would have liked to take a nap after traveling all night, that was not what this trip was for.  Our first destination was St. George Castle which was amazing and had a beautiful view of the city. We also took a ride on the much-mentioned Tram 28.  I'm sure the ride was amazing but I was unfortunately crammed in between several taller passengers that limited my view.

We strolled down Avienda de Liberdad to find the water.  After that we had our first Portuguese dinner, a hot shower, and fell promptly asleep.
Flag over St. George's Castle
Lisbon Trams
The amazing Lisboa Central Hostel

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