Hatcher's Pass

Friday, August 6, 2010

Today we decided to take a scenic drive to Hatcher's Pass.  It was unfortunately rainy but we were hoping to still get some nice views.  Along the way we stopped in Wasilla mainly because we thought it would be great to say we bumped into Sarah Palin on our trip.  That didn't happen but we did buy snacks at a gas station that she has probably used.  I think that makes me pretty much ready to run for president now. We continued on up some winding roads where we could barely see the hood of the car in front of us.  I'm just very glad I was not driving.
Independence Mine
From there we continued on to Independence Mine which was one of the largest gold mines in Alaska.  It has since then been abandoned but it is now a state park.  You can still walk around and see the buildings that were once filled with people searching for gold.  Some of the old rail tracks still remain that once brought the gold out of the caves and down the mountain.

By then it had started to rain and we had brought Kori's cousin with us who had to be back for the dress rehearsal so we headed back towards Anchorage.

Collapsing Tracks

Old train cars

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