Return to Alaska

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a few weeks after our amazing backpacking trip, it was time for me to make a return to the great state of Alaska.  This time it wasn't for a 4 day long road trip but instead to celebrate Kori and Dan's wedding! And thanks to frequent flyer miles my trip to and from was free!  I arrived in the afternoon and was met by Elizabeth (Kori's sister) and Ryan (a friend of a friend who had also studied abroad in Russia through a different program).  We took a quick trip to the mall to pick up wedding gifts and stopped for some tea to catch up.
Lay over in Salt Lake City. It did look salty.

Later that afternoon we picked up Jess (another Russia survivor and former suite-mate) at the train station.  She had just completed a 3 day train tour of Alaskan National parks which seemed amazing but having just returned from a three week trip I couldn't really fit it into my budget.  Before going out for the evening we stopped at our rental apartment to drop our bags off.  All I can say is that this apartment will receive its own post due to the strangeness that must properly be described in depth. 
Sawyer <3

Later that evening we met up with Kori for some wine at Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse which I was supposed to love because Sawyer from Lost apparently wears a Humpy's t-shirt at some point in the show.

As usual it had been a long day of traveling so we returned to our apartment to rest up for exploring in the morning.

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