Last Day In NYC

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Although we didn't go to bed until well into this morning we again woke early to get the most out of our trip.  After a delicious brunch, Nicole wanted to take us on a tour of her school, Columbia University.  It was just as impressive as you would expect an Ivy League school to be.  I am fortunate enough to live in a state that is practically overflowing with excellent schools but Columbia was impressive.
View from a bridge on Columbia's Campus

After our tour of Columbia we visited the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine.  Walking into this massive building makes you forget you are in America.  It was as grand and imposing as many of the cathedrals in Europe and it was a nice way to take a step away from the fast moving pace of the city around us.

From there we visited the Children's Garden which had hundreds of small statues designed by children scattered throughout a garden.
One of the larger statues in Children's Garden

Nicole then headed back to her apartment while Ellen and I headed to Central Park to attempt to rent bikes for an hour or two.  While we looked up the location of the bike place on the map, it was much more difficult in actuality to find it.  Instead we stumbled upon a celebration of Japan Day.  There was singing, dancing, and dozens of people in costume so we decided to skip the bikes and people watch instead.

After some time we decided to walk down Park Ave to look at all the insanely expensive apartments that normal humans could barely dream of affording.  From there we stopped at Rockefeller Center and then explored Grand Central Station.  We had both previously seen Time Square and, while it is a place everyone should see once in their life, it is not something you necessarily need to see twice.  The flashing lights and mobs of people after two days of walking was enough to make us bypass that area.

Central Park

Rockefeller Center
 From there we hopped on the subway and made our way back to Nicole's where we grabbed some dinner and then packed our bags to catch our bus back to Boston!

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