Friday, May 20, 2011

Well it has been quite a while since my last adventure.  Shortly after coming home from Alaska I managed to get a full time job as a paralegal at a law firm just outside of Boston.  While it has been great to have a steady paycheck it hasn't given me much time to get out and see the world.  After working for six months I decided to move from my home in Dracut to Somerville which is just outside of Boston and, in a way, has been an adventure in itself.  It has been very helpful that my roommate is from another country and enjoys wandering as much as I do.  I've been able to do a lot of touristy things in my own city that I probably would not have done otherwise.  I'm sure I will touch upon some of those things later on.

One thing that I had been wanting to do since leaving school was to take a trip down to New York to visit my roommate of three years, Nicole.  She is studying for her Master's degree at Columbia University. Myself and my current roommate, Ellen, decided to take a trip down to New York both for the visit and to see the city.  I have been to New York twice before, once just before 9/11 and another time as a senior in high school.  Both times I was able to see a few of the biggest sights (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Time Square) but it had been quite some time since I have been and I had never toured the city on my own.

First day of college Aug. 2006
We took a 7 pm bus from Alewife Station in Cambridge and, with the bus being late and some construction delays, we arrived in NYC around 12:30.  We hopped on the subway and were met by Nicole upon our exit.  It's amazing that it has been over a year since I've seen her but its even more amazing how quickly we slip back into our old routines.  In her apartment I also found Laura!  Laura lived in our dorm freshman year and was a great friend however she transferred and I had only seen her sporadically in the last four years.  After chatting for a while we decided to call it a night because we had a busy weekend planned ahead of us.

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