The Future

Thursday, July 7, 2011

They reason why I have been working frantically to catch my blog up for the past month is because I have some big things planned.  After working for 6 months at my job I realized I did not want to be there long term.  I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I knew this was not it.  I started applying at other places mainly in the city however I realized that all I was qualified for or felt comfortable doing was basically what I was already doing.  I even interviewed for and got offered a job as a real estate paralegal right in downtown Boston.  Although it was a great location, the people seemed fantastic, and (after some negotiating) they agreed to match my pay, I realized that it was a completely lateral move.   I knew I would end up spending another six months there and be right back where I started.  I was terrified to do so but I turned the job down. 

It was then that I started looking at grad schools for September.  I thought going into business would be very helpful however most MBA programs require 3-5 years experience or a really impressive business undergrad degree.  I also soon realized that I couldn't afford school anywhere in the US so I began looking in Europe.  My roommate mentioned that her school had a great business program so I looked there.  Not only did they have an affordable program, but they also had a business degree designed for people who did not study it as undergrads.   So I applied.  And waited.  It only took them about two week but felt like much longer until they accepted me!

So today, after almost a year of working in my office, I've decided to call it quits and head back to school.  As of September 1st I will begin my life in Dublin as a student again.   It's a little terrifying but I'm more excited than anything else. 

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