Sunday, July 31, 2011

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The Mapparium, which is housed at the Mary Baker Eddy Library near the Prudential Center, was an amazing sight to see.  Designed in 1935 by Chester Lindsay Churchill the Mapparium is essentially a giant stained glass globe.  Unlike most globes, however, you view the world from the inside of this one.  At over 3 stories tall there is a bridge that crosses 30 feet from one side to the other.  It hasn't been changed since it original design so the world today is drastically different.  There is a short tour that goes along with it and for the $6 I would say it's worth taking a look.

With the admission cost of the Mapparium we also got to look around the Mary Baker Eddy Library which gives a history of the development of the Christian Science Monitor, founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1908.  I will have to admit that the Library did not really help me learn much more about the Christian Science religion but they did have some hands on exhibits that are always fun. 

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