Sam Adams Brewery

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Although I have lived in or around Boston my entire life I will admit that I haven't experienced most of the quintessential "Boston" things.  Every once in a while in elementary school we might take a trip into the city to go to the Museum of Science or Aquarium but there is so much more I still haven't seen.  Luckily since I live within a T ride of everything and I have a roommate who refuses to leave the country without seeing and doing everything Boston has to offer, I get to play the part of a Boston tourist.  I don't really consider it traveling but they are all fun places that I would recommend for people to visit so I may as well share them here.

The first place that I would HIGHLY recommend is the Sam Adam's Brewery.  Located just a short walk from the Orange Line,  the tour begins by taking you into the brewery where they give you quick history of beer, cover the different types of beers, and then give you a handful of hops to rub in your hands. They also let you eat some barely.  I'm not sure which barrel they were from, but only take a few of the dark ones... they compare it to chocolate but I'd say it's a bit closer to burnt popcorn.  After that you get a rundown of the brewing process and finish off the tour with a half hour of drinking!  It is a great tasting session in which you get to try three different Sam Adam's brews and also learn how to compare and analyze beer.

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