Culture Shock

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, I should be doing work right now but blogging is a great way to procrastinate while still feeling like I'm accomplishing something.  Classes are going well.  I'm shocked to find out that I am still understanding accounting but I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.  I also really enjoy my classmates.  They are all a lot of fun and make coming to class each day better.  A decent sized group of us went out Wednesday night to the Bleeding Horse and then after to Copper Face Jacks.  I feel like bars/clubs in Ireland are surprisingly a bit more upstanding than at home but I think Coppers would be the equivalent to the Liquor Store in Boston. Its fun when you're there but remembering it the next morning is a little painful.

Smurfit Business School
That leads me to one of the biggest differences that I've noticed so far while being here.  I guess this could be my little piece of "Culture Shock". Students here go out all nights of the week like they are equal.  I wasn't home until 4:30 on Thursday morning and struggled in class the next day but for most students here that is the norm.  I've come up with a sort of roundabout explanation for it granted it is totally just my assumptions.  When you're a student in college in the US you can't legally drink until 21 which is usually your junior year of college so there is not point of going home on weekends because you'll just end up sitting on a couch next to your parents.  Instead you stay on campus, invite your friends over, and find an older student willing to buy for you.   Because the drinking age here is 18 kids can go home on the weekends and drink with home friends.  This causes the campus to be absolutely dead on the weekends (terrible for me).  This also means that if they want to go out with their college friends they have to do it during the week so it just becomes normal to go out on a Monday, Tuesday, etc.  I of course had fun going out Wednesday but the thought of doing that regularly seems painful.  I just find it interesting how different the two situations are. 

Friday I had a presentation boot camp with Emma Ledden who used to be on MTV and apparently a few tv shows over here.  It was very helpful but after 8 hours I was just tired.  Later that evening I took a trip to Maynooth which is another University about 30 minutes from Dublin where some Boston friends were gathered.  It was beyond nice to see them again. 

Saturday I was supposed to go on a field trip to a farm outside of Dublin but for various reason I didn't go.  Later that night people came over to my apartment for a late birthday celebration.  We had a few drinks and then we went to the Palace, another Dublin club.  It was a lot of fun and I was so surprised to find that people just don't grope you here... they actually dance unlike at home where you have to be wary of going into a club without a taser.  Maybe I just go to the wrong clubs at home but I honestly don't think you could find anything like that in Boston for only a 10 euro cover. 

This week is "Fresher's Week" where all the societies and sports teams set up booths in the student center and bribe you into joining with free pizza.  I joined the L&H Society (Literary and Historical Society) that is supposed to have some great debates and I believe the twins from Harry Potter are coming in a few weeks.  I also joined the International Student Society and signed up for something else though I'm not even sure of its name... I just know that they had the biggest goodie bag. I also signed up for the frisbee team which will be nice to get back into and a great way to meet people.

In other news, I fell off my bike for the first time since I was about 12... granted I haven't ridden a bike much since then, but it was just as embarrassing, if not more so, as it was back then.  I just hit a curb awkwardly and did a nice slide into the sidewalk.  Luckily I didn't go into traffic but I should really start considering getting a helmet.

And now, after a great but exhausting week, I'm sick.  I'm attempting to overdose on vitamin C and get as much rest as possible but we'll see how well that works.

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