Settling In

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sorry for the delay in this post.  It has been a hectic, crazy, and exciting few weeks and I've only now found a minute to sit down and start this.  I had a wonderful cookout the Saturday before I left and a great last night out with my friends at the Old Court.  I spent most of the morning of my flight attempting to pack.  While I intended to bring one suitcase and a large backpack that thought was quickly squashed and I ended up with two suitcases that were 1/2 a pound under the maximum weight and a carry on that was 13 pounds over.   Needless to say I got a work out lugging all that stuff around.  My parents dropped me of at the airport and my flight went smoothly though I wasn't able to fall asleep on the plane.

It was 5 in the morning Irish time when I landed and my friend Ellen and her mother were amazing and picked me up at the airport.  We got back to their house where we had a nice breakfast and then everyone scattered off to work.  Knowing I had to beat the jet lag as soon as possible I decided to head to a local mall to keep myself awake.  I got myself a phone, a new hair dryer and straightener, and discovered the magical place that is Penny's.  I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of money there over the course of the next year.  I spent several hours at the mall and then headed to the village of Rathgar.  It's what you would picture when you think of an Irish village. Lots of cute locally owned shops.  Even a bike shop named MacDonald's!  I realized (after being up for 30 hours and walking for the last 5 of them) that I was hungry and exhausted so I grab some food and headed back to Ellen's house.  After a nice shower I laid down for an amazing nap.  Jet lag naps are always the best.

One my second day in Ireland Ellen gave me a tour of my campus and we took a trip to the city center to get me a bike.  It's an adorable "Erin sized" bike.  It's also about 10 years older than me but works great.

On Sunday I was able to move into my apartment.  It is very nice and clean though still a bit echo-y.  I've only just now (6 days later) managed to unpack everything.  I met two of my roommates who are both very nice, and then settled down in anticipation of starting class the next day.

Monday was a full eight hour day of orientation.  There was a lot of forced mingling time which is always awkward and uncomfortable but is admittedly the best way to get to know people in the program.  It's funny to think back to a few years ago where the concepts of accounting and finance would have made me scream.  Listening to the program director talk about it actually made me looked forward to these classes (we'll see how long that lasts!).

Tuesday began my first real day of class and although we only have class for two hours a day, the amount of reading assigned is already daunting.

Wednesday was the start of accounting which I'm surprisingly understanding for now.  After class I wandered around the main campus for a while getting a lot of free things and even sitting through and hour long welcome for first year students just to get a free UCD scarf.  The things I will do for free stuff...

I've managed to open a bank account but I still can't figure out how to print things in the library.   Baby steps.

My bulletin board is filled with events and programs I need/want to attend and today is the first day since I moved in that I didn't have any where I had to be.  Of course that means I'll be spending most of my Friday doing homework already.

The wonderful Kat O'Loughlin arrives tomorrow morning from Boston.  She'll be staying with me for a few nights before she can move in to Trinity.  I think we're going to do a lot of exploring which I'm looking forward to. 

First time at the apartment

My room

My bathroom

Living Room


Another view of the living room

View from the apartment

"Stuff To Do" Board

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  1. Oh Rinny!! I am going to look forward to your posts all the time now! It seems as though you are already learning and having tons of fun. I especially adore the part about the store named "MacDonald's" that is neat! I love the view from your apartment, pretty much what I would have expected :) and the little quaint town/shops you spoke of makes me want to see it for myself even more!! Love you xoxo