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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I wish I could update saying I've done all these amazing things in the past week however that would be a lie.  My group has the unfortunate honor of having our Organizational Behavior presentation and our second finance project due on the same day.  This finance project is just as bad as the first, if not worse.  Our professor is also expecting every group to meet with him at least 3 times in a two week span.  There are 18 groups and most of them are lucky if they are getting one meeting with him.  Luckily we anticipated this and will be having our third tomorrow.  Even with the meetings the project is still ridiculous and we've put in far too many hours to count.  OB seems much more manageable however it will still take quite a bit of prep time.   I, like everyone before and after me, am dreading getting up to speak but I guess I should accept it as a learning experience. 

Anyway,  most of the past week and for the rest of this week finance and ob are about the most excitement I get!

Also still no couch in the apartment. Time to start making some phone calls.

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