Avoca and Aloe Blacc

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two posts in a week... I'm on a roll!  Yesterday was a surprisingly eventful day though I wasn't expecting it to be at all.  I spent most of the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry and all those other things that no one likes doing but must get done once in a while.  Around 6 my friend Claire came over and we then headed down to Avoca in Blackrock for a small Christmas party that the MiM administration was putting on for us.  They told us we could get two free drinks and finger foods so I couldn't see a reason not to go.  They were expecting more people to show up however there were only a small group of us.  This worked out great since they had a certain number of drink vouchers that they of course didn't want to go to waste so we each got several more vouchers than originally intended. It was also great to be able to sit down and chat with some people that I haven't really had a chance to get to know since the start of the program.

After several drinks and lots of food, my friend told me that she had an extra (free) ticket to a concert in the city centre.  I was on a great take-advantage-of-free-things streak so I figured why not! The performer was Aloe Blacc.  I had never heard of him and I'm guessing most of you probably haven't either.  I bet you do know his biggest song "I Need A Dollar".  I took some videos but the quality is terrible so I'm not going to damage the man's name by posting them here.  I would suggest that you look him up on Youtube though.  I was expecting a little more rap / hip hop but he was much more blues / soul music.  It probably wouldn't have been the first type of concert I would think about seeing but it was actually really great and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!   It also didn't hurt that it was sponsored by Heineken so I got a couple more free drinks out of the night!
Aloe Blacc at The Olympia

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