My Love / Hate Relationship With The Duvet

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've only been back in Dublin for a week and a half but I am already buried in work.  My first paper is due Monday and I've already had a few group meetings to discuss our projects for the up coming semester.  All of that free time I had at the beginning of last semester would really come in handy right now but I guess I would rather be busy than bored!

Anyway, I just had to come on here to discuss a topic very close to my heart.  There is this thing here in Ireland called TOG.  I'm not sure if this is unique to Ireland or the UK or if it has spread to all duvet loving nations but I am almost positive that it does not exist in the US.  TOG (according to the internet) is "a measure of thermal resistance of a unit area".  I don't really understand the technical meaning of it but there's essentially a rating system that shows you how much heat the product will hold in. I don't know if it is used in anything else but it is used here in duvets (the European version of a comforter at home).  My duvet has a TOG of 10.5 which means its holds in whatever that equivalent amount of heat is.  To me, my TOG-filled duvet is magical.  At home over Christmas break, it was necessary for me to go to bed in flannel pjs under a sheet, two comforters, a fleece blanket AND a heating blanket just to keep myself from freezing to death in my sleep.  Here all I need is my one little duvet and I'm toasty all night!  Perhaps it is all in my head but I think I actually suffered from TOG withdrawals while I was back in the states. 

For all the love I have for TOG however, I seriously despise duvets themselves.  I don't understand why my blanket needs its own massive pillow case.  It is extremely difficult to put on correctly and the situation usually ends with me stuck somewhere inside the duvet cover tangled in a ball with the duvet. Also as soon as it is lined up it starts to shift and tangle.  I will go to bed with it perfectly laid out and then wake up with the duvet and cover almost completely separated. It's also the exact same size as my bed so I can't tuck it in without uncovering a large portion of my bed.

It really is a difficult relationship I have with the duvet.  I love the warmth it can provide but hate many of its actions and its occasional nasty attitude....reminds me of a few relationships, actually.

Also I like to point out two interesting things I discovered while writing this.  When googling the term "Duvet Attack" two awesome things pop up 1.) a picture of Chris Pine in Star Trek (I always enjoy a surprise Chris Pine viewing!) and 2.) a youtube video called "Attack of the Killer Duvets"... not surprisingly made by a few Irish kids.  They totally understand where I'm coming from.

Well I should get back to work.  I promise my next post will have some sort of substance to it!

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