Back on the Bike

Monday, February 20, 2012

Since I went through all the trouble of getting my bike back downstairs and to the shop on Saturday, there was really no excuse not to cycle to class today.  My main excuse for the past few months has been the cold and rainy weather but, let's face it,  that's only weather I'll ever get here so I need to stop hiding behind it.  

I haven't cycled since I moved into town because there are very few places I actually need to cycle to and I was a little hesitant to make the trek down to Blackrock without being confident in the route there.  Of course I probably didn't need four months to reach this point but I like I said... it was cold and rainy out.

Bergie the Bergland Super
So today, armed with my snazzy vest and blinky lights, I hit the town.  After the first few minutes I thought "this feels great!"  It's been so long since I've really exercised that my body actually appreciated a little extra work. That happy feeling lasted for about 20 minutes until my body realized what I was really doing to it.  Then it was just angry.  I'd like to blame my exhaustion on big hills or dodging traffic but really it's just me being out of shape.  Fortunately it is pretty much a straight road from the City Centre down to Blackrock and there are designated bike lanes a majority of the way down.  I surprisingly felt more safe on the trip from my current apartment to Smurfit compared to my old apartment to the same place, even though it's about four times the distance and goes through the City Centre.  Unfortunately, I'm just not used to cycling after my little hiatus.

It's only about 10 miles round trip but I will definitely have to ease my way into making it a daily occurrence. It did take me about the same amount of time as I would have spent walking/waiting/bussing down to Blackrock and I get a decent amount of exercising in so hopefully I'll keep up with it. 
From Home to School
This is a pretty busy week with a paper and a presentation both due tomorrow but after that it shouldn't be too bad.  I also have a trip to Brussels this weekend!  I'm still not sure what we're actually going to do there but I can bet there will be a lot chocolate and beer involved.

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