Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

With everything the United States has absorbed from cultures around the world I cannot figure out how we missed out on Pancake Tuesday?  I suppose I can't really complain since we use today to celebrate "Fat Tuesday" but it would be nice to narrow down the options of all the fatty food and just focus on one for the day.  In doing some research I've learned that Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday) originated from the need to eat all of the food that would be given up during the fasting time of Lent (sugar, milk, eggs, flour, etc).  When you mix these together you get a pancake so naturally it developed into a feast of pancakes.  Apparently some places around the world even have the day off of work and school and hold events such as "pancake races".
Apparently things that should be given up for Lent

Pre-Flipped Pancake
Since I am trying to embrace the local culture (and I love pancakes) I decided to recognize this wonderful day of celebration.   I got up nice and early this morning to make the pancakes for myself and my roommate and I even searched the internet to find a proper Irish/UK pancake recipe.   The Irish version of a pancake is different from what most Americans would consider a pancake.  It doesn't have any type of rising agent so it is much more flat and not at all fluffy.  It seems a bit closer to a crêpe than an American pancake.  It's customary to eat the pancake with lemon juice and sugar.   I also added some bananas to give it some substance.  Even if it was not what I would traditionally call a pancake I would definitely still call it delicious!

It was also pointed out to me that, while it is acceptable to eat pancakes for breakfast, they are more traditionally eaten in the evening on Pancake Tuesday.  Obviously I took this as a sign that I should make a second batch after getting home from class.

Since I worked so hard to master the art of pancake flipping this morning I think it only fair that I work to bring Pancake Tuesday back to the U.S. with me when I return later this year.  It's really not fair to all the poor unaware Americans that are missing out on this event year after year.

But don't worry American Pancake... I will always love you.

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  1. it took me 4 months to find maple syrup in germany at a specialty grocery store in the "american" section.