Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today was an amazingly productive day and the best part about it was that I had no original intentions of being productive.  Sneaky productivity is the best kind.  I managed to clean my room, decorate my room (after living here for 5 months), de-ice the freezer, clean some mysterious goop out of the fridge, do a load of laundry, do the grocery shopping that I've put off for three weeks, book a hostel for my upcoming trip to Brussels, and get my bike off my porch and down the shop to put air in the tires.  I also bought myself a wonderful reflector vest and, although I may look like a construction worker, it's pink and will hopefully prevent me from getting hit by cars!  I also cooked myself a meal which didn't consist entirely of carbs.  Go me!  You may have noticed the lack of mention of school work... I'm hoping that type of productivity comes tomorrow.
Clean room, scarf wall, reflector vest!

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